• USB3.1-to-USB3.0-7Port-Hub
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Model No:YT-UH31

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Type C to 7 Port USB 3.0, Model No:YT-UH31

Product Description

Utech 7Port high-performance USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Hub and Sleek compact design Self-powered properties for Ultrabook / Laptop / Tablet partner Overall arrangement make to become user-friendly.
It can be used on USB 3.0 HDD, High-resolution camera, Video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras and a variety of audio and other peripheral devices.

Product Features

  1. LED indicator for power status
  2. Multiple USB 3.1 interface support plug and play. hot swap, easy to use and carry.
  3. Support over current and unstant current protection.
  4. Support USB 3.1/3.0 super speed (5Gbps) transmission, downward compatible USB2.0
  5. Driver free, support Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS, Linux.
  6. Independent supply provides power supply to connect devices.

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