tempered screen protector installation tool for mobile phone


  1. OEM available
  2.  Quick drying
  3. Oil removing
  4. Anti-static, anti-dust, anti-bacterial and UV Resistant
  5. Degradable

This paragraph is a three-piece set: dust film + cleaning cloth + alcohol wet bag


tempered screen protector installation tools for mobile phone

[product name]

mobile phone disinfection paper screen lens decontamination wet wipes mobile phone screen digital cleaning wipes


The lens can be removed immediately by simply wiping it. The screen of the LCD computer The fingerprint grease and dirt on the mouse and keyboard make the product clean and bright immediately. This product is a quick-drying type of wet paper, which does not remove dander and watermarks. No need to dry. Individually packaged for easy carrying. Traveling supplies.


It is made of wet-strength paper and nano-active agent, deionized water, surfactant, and other professional formulas. It can make the screen of the mobile phone screen clean and clean and kill common pathogenic bacteria.


Scope of application

1. Degreasing the screen tablet

2 mobile computer digital products are cleaned and disinfected, anti-static, and protect the screen

3. Cleaning and disinfecting of glasses

4 anti-fog, winter goggles for all types of lens lenses

How to use it Open the package, remove the wipes, and wipe directly. Use it immediately after removing the wet paper. If the moisture on the paper towel is dry, it will affect the cleaning effect. If the surface of the item is covered with sand, please use it to clean and disinfect the product.


1. Can not be used to wipe your hands or wipe your face. For those who are allergic to alcohol, especially sensitive skin

 2. Please wash your hands after use to prevent the liquid from remaining on your fingertips.

3. If you accidentally get into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.

4. Keep out of reach of children.

5. Unreachable fire source

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