Model No:YT-ST02


Model No:YT-ST02

Product Description:
Serial ATA cable, is used for the storage interface of desktop PCs, mobile PCs, set-top boxes, entry servers as well as networked storage devices. Serial ATA cable assemblies are available in right angle and straight cable exits. They have a very small form factor and low profile for limited-space applications. The low pin count is acheived using serial data transmission, and enables thin and flexible cables for ease of routing.

Product Features:

1.Capable of transmitting signal at 3Gbps date rate.
2.Simple, user-friendly connectors.
3.Auto releasable latches preventing potential damage to both header and cable, when cable being accidentally pulled.
4.Hot-plug enabled.
5.The latching SATA cables and connectors support Serial ATA across all hard disk drive (HDD) form factors and can include ATAPI devices such as CD and DVD drives, tape devices and high capacity removable devices. Signal cables are available in straight to right angle versions from 4 inch up to 40 inch long.

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