KM Switch USB 3.0 Type A male to USB 3.0 Type A male Data Link Cable



KM Switch USB 3.0 Data Link Cable

Model No: YT-U3DL01

Product Description:

This cable by utechcables can be used to connect two computers. You can transfer data in both ways with the speed of USB 3.0. Meanwhile, both computers can share with the same mouse and keyboard after the connection established. With the help of this cable, it can simply double the processing power of your work station and the working efficiency as well.

KM Switch USB 3.0 Data Link Cable.jpg

Product Features

  • Keyboard and mouse can be shared from either one of the computers.
  • Switching between the computers through cursor scrolling or hotkey (adjustable).
  • Supports modification of keyboard hotkeys.
  • Data transfer in both directions possible.
  • Automatically install the driver which is integrated into the cable.
  • Bus powered from either USB port. No separate power required.

System requirements:
1.Windows Vista/Vista-64/7/7-64/8/8-64/8.1/8.1-64/10/10-64, Mac OS 10.9.5, etc.
2.PC or laptop with a free USB type A port.