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ftdi ttl 232r 5v aj cable

ftdi ttl 232r 3v3 aj Product Description:

  1. USB TTL Serial Cable allows easy interfacing to devices over USB. The USB TTL Serial cable provides connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces at 5V. 3.5mm audio jack input/output.
  2. Connector configuration: tip-TxD, ring – RxD, sleeve- GND
  3. Cable with audio jack connector with +5V based TxD and RxD signalling


  • Simple and Easy way to give USB support to your designs
  • Connects directly to microcontroller UART or I/O pins
  • PC communicates as a standard serial device
  • All circuitry integrated into sleek, moulded USB plug
  • Compatible with legacy software
  • Based on FTDI FT232RL
  • DC2.5mm audio jack TIP, RING, SLEEVE (GND, TX, RX)
  • Supports data rates up to 3 Mbaud allowing a significant performance increase over a standard serial port
  • Allows devices to be powered from the USB port
  • All I/O are protected from shorts and ESD
  • Drivers Supplied by FTDI
  • Supports customised end connector designs
  • Cable Length 1.80m (6 ft)

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ftdi ttl-232r-3v3-aj Product Features:

  1. USB TTL Serial Cable allows easy interfacing to devices over USB.
  2. The USB TTL Serial cable provide connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces at 3.3V or 5V.
  3. 3.5mm audio jack input/output.

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