USB3.0 Data Link Cable with OTI7300 Chipsets

OT7300 USB3.0 Host to Host Bridging Controller Host to Host Bridging Controller USB3.0 Data Link Cable with OTI7300 Chipsets

The OT7300 is a single-chip SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Host-to-Host bridge controller specially designed for connecting two USB Host systems either between Desktop/Laptop PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or Smart TV.

The OT7300 uses “Hybrid Multi-Class” channel that allows two USB host systems to share their keyboard, mouse, network, mass storage, display, and multimedia capabilities. The OT7300 links two USB hosts to exchange data through mass storage class driver or RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Spec) Both USB sides support USB mass storage mode that allows the host system automatically launching the custom application which stored in external flash memory.

The OT7300 also provides flexible endpoint assignment mechanism to easily support the multi-USB class protocol. Custom applications can be easily implemented through this high-performance controller.

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● Enhanced 1T 8032 MCU
● MCU can be operated at 30MHz and 60MHz

Communication Interfaces
● Two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed receivers
-Support 5Gbps/480Mbps/12Mbps
-Support up to 16 endpoints
-Support Control/Interrupt/Bulk/Isochronous endpoint
● One eMMC reader I/F
● One Full-duplex UART ports
● One Four-wire SPI module in Master mode
● One I2C module in Master or Slave mode

Input/ Output/Analog feature
● Up to 16 GPIO(General Purpose I/O)
● Two Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) in generate mode

Timer System
● Three 16bit Timers/Counters

Clock Management
● Configurable PLLs
● Independent Watchdog timer
● 30MHz Crystal Source

Power Management
● 5V and 1.2V power supply
● 3.3V Digital I/O pad
● Built-in 5V to 3V LDO
● Embedded Power On Reset

Protocol and Driver
● USB Audio Device Class
● USB Human Interface Device Class(HID)
● USB Mass Storage Class
● RNDIS(Remote Network Driver Interface Spec)
● Self-definition

● USB KVM Switch
● USB Data Transfer Cable
● Custom USB Host to Host Application

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