ftdi ic usb naar 4xrs232 db9 mannelijke kabelconverter met schroef



4 Port USB RS232 Serial Hub

Model No: YT-UD06(2)

Product beschrijving:

  1. This 4 Port USB to RS232 Serial Hub lets you connect up to four RS232 serial devices to your Mac or PC laptop or desktop computer through a single USB port, as though the computer offered built-on DB9M serial connectors.
  2. The RS232 Serial Hub is compactly designed to preserve valuable workspace, and is bus-powered to eliminate the need for an external power adapter.
  • Add four additional RS-232 serial ports to any computer with a free USB port.
  • Provides serial connectivity to legacy free systems lacking RS-232 serial ports.
  • Supports wakeup and power management modes.

USB-naar-4-poorts-seriële kabel


  • Connect modems, digitizer tablets, mice, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, ISDN terminal adapters, mobile phones, scanners, UPSes and POS equipment to your system.
  • Connect and program LED and Digital signage boards with serial communication ports.

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  1. Volledige compatibiliteit met USB Spec Rev 1.1. en compatibel met USB 2.0-poorten.
  2. Plug & Play-mogelijkheid voor externe randapparatuur.
  3. Compatibel met Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
  4. Modem,ISDN-TA, Digital camera, RS232 Microsoft mouse, Barcode reader,Card reader, Palm PDAs, POS Devices, Tablet (drawing pads),Label Writer,POS, Fingerprint Verification,Security System, Mouse etc.