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what is a usb to serial adapter cable used for? The USB-to-serial adapter cable has USB connector on one end and at least one (possibly more) serial connector on the other end. Start the USB to the serial adapter in 3 simple steps: Download and install the driver for your specific converter. Insert the converter […]

How to Select the Right USB to Serial adapter cable? If you need to connect a serial device to the computer, but the computer does not have a serial port, you need a USB to serial adapter. Since there are many different models, types, and manufacturers, finding the best adapter can be a challenge. When […]

OT7300 USB3.0 Host to Host Bridging Controller Host to Host Bridging Controller The OT7300 is a single-chip SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Host-to-Host bridge controller specially designed for connecting two USB Host systems either between Desktop/Laptop PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or Smart TV. The OT7300 uses “Hybrid Multi-Class” channel that allows two USB host systems to share their […]

RS232 Serial Cable Standard Connection and RS232 Pin Definition RS232 serial cable is widely used in serial communication between devices. Serial port has high compatibility, widely used for desktop connections of various kinds of serial devices, such as Computers and tax control machines, digital machine tools, PDA, Modem, set-top boxes, barcode machine, industrial instrumentation, and […]

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