usb scanner programming cable


FTDI Uniden 스캐너 프로그래밍 케이블

usb scanner programming cable Model No:YT-UMR02

제품 설명:

This Utech 1.8 meter USB to serial Mini 4Pin USB cable connects your scanner to USB port of your computer for programming.

This cable uses Genuine FTDI chipset!

제품 특징:

  1. This USB programming/remote control cable can replaces Kenwood PG-5G cable.
  2. RX TX activity LED’s to monitor data flow.
  3. Flexible cable with molded connectors on both ends.
  4. FTDI chipset for easy setup and reliable operation.
  5. Works with FreeSCAN software. Programming software NOT included.
  6. Plug and play, no driver installation. Works with all Windows versions including the latest Windows 10. Mac and Linux are also supported if your have compatible programming software.

다음 Uniden 스캐너에서 작동합니다.

  • BCT15
  • BCT15X
  • BC95XLT
  • SC230
  • BC246T
  • BR330
  • BC346XT
  • BCD396T
  • BCD396XT
  • BCD996T
  • BCD996XT

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