rj12 to rs232 cable



RS232 DB9M - RJ12 6P 실드 블랙 케이블 2미터

rj12 to rs232 cable Model No:YT-DR01

DB9 암-RJ12 변환기 케이블용, MOQ 50, 개당 .5개

rj12 rs232 Product Description:

This is the high quality custom made serial cable. Compatible with most units that have a RJ12 (looks like telephone plug connection) connection for the console serial cable.

It is used for POS, scanner, computer and communication devices,etc.

rs232 to rj12 cable Product Features:

  1. DB9 Male/Female to RJ12 Configuration Serial Cable.
  2. Works with most RJ12 configuration connector serial port.
  3. Rugged, over-molded construction that provides extra strain relief and a solid serial connection.
  4. Gold plated RJ12 contacts for superior corrosion resistance ensuring a solid connection for the life of this serial cable.

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