rca to 1 8 cable

High quality, gold-plated, 3.5 mm to Dual RCA Cable

rca to 1 8 cable Right and Left

High quality 3.5 mm Stereo Male to Male Stereo Audio RCA cable for your audio systems. 1 8 to rca Connect your audio components together with this Gold Plated RCA Cable for superior audio quality. RCA is the best for audio/video application where newer connection types are not available. This has RCA with 2 Channel – Left & Right to provide left and right stereo audio.

Ideal rca 1 8 to hook up your MP3 player/iPod with 3.5 mm male to your receiver with RCA and listen media through the best speakers in the house.

  • RCA 호환 장치와 연결할 수 있는 경제적인 솔루션
  • 2 channel (Right and Left) 1 8 to rca cable
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  • 스테레오 장비에 적합
  • Gold Plated Connectors 1/8 to rca cable
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Get your music from your phone speaker on to your home system in 3 Easy Steps rca to 1/8 cable.

  1. 3.5mm 헤드폰 잭을 장치(휴대폰, MP3 플레이어, CD 플레이어, i-Pod, i-pad, 모바일, 노트북 등)에 연결하기만 하면 됩니다.
  2. 2개의 RCA 커넥터를 스피커, 빨강 및 흰색과 일치하는 홈 시스템과 같은 수신기 장치에 연결하십시오.
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