mini displayport to mini displayport cable


mini displayport to mini displayport cable

Mini Displayport Male 1.2V - Mini Displayport Male 케이블 4K X 2K, 모델 번호: YT-MDP05

mini dp cable Product Description:

These mini displayport cables are indispensable companion for your Mac, PC, and tablet equipped with Mini DisplayPort.

Directly connect your laptop or tablet to an HD monitor for video and audio streaming.

The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding provides superior cable performance.

mini-displayport cable Product Features:

  1. Directly connecting a Mini DisplayPort (Mini DP or mDP) compatible computer to a monitor with Mini DisplayPort
  2. Transmits both audio and video from computer or tablet to HD monitor display; Supports 4K (3840×2160) Ultra HD resolution and flawless audio pass-thru for uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels
  3. Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, provide durability, and improve the signal transmission
  4. Foil & braid shielding reduces Electromagnetic interference; Bare copper conductor enhances cable performance

mini displayport cable COMPATIBILITY (INCOMPLETE LIST)

– 애플 맥북, 맥북 프로, 맥북 에어, 아이맥, 맥 미니, 맥 프로
– Windows 8 Pro용 Microsoft Surface Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3(Windows RT용 Surface/Surface 2 아님)
– 레노버 씽크패드 X1 카본, X230/240s, L430/440, L530/540, T430/440, T440s, T440p, T530/540p, W530/540, 헬릭스
– Dell XPS 14/15/17, Latitude E7240/E7440, Precision M3800
– Alienware 14/17/18
– 인텔 NUC
– 에이수스 젠북 UX303LA/UX303LN
– HP 엔비 14/17
– 구글 크롬북 픽셀
– 사이버파워 제우스북 엣지 X6-100/X6-200
– 도시바 새틀라이트 프로 S500, 테크라 M11/A11/S11