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USB serial cable driver

Model No: YT-UD02-2


The USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter provides an external plug & play RS-232 serial connection with your computer, letting you free up your existing serial port. Users have the capability to utilize the adapter with serial port interface in an easy-to-use environment. The adapter is designed for connections to Cellular Phones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Modems, or ISDN Terminal Adapters through USB port with over 600 kbps data transfer rate.
Installation is very easy. Just simply connect a serial device to the USB to the RS-232 adapter and plug the USB port into the computer.


  • Provides the connection between USB and the traditional RS-232 serial port
  • Works with cellular phones, PDA, digital cameras, modems, and others
  • 1-ft or 0.3m length
  • Supports the RS-232 serial interface (standard 9-pin serial)
  • Supports automatic handshake mode
  • USB full speed communication and bus-powered
  • Single cable USB to serial communication
  • Easy installation


  • 簡単なインストールと操作により、レガシーPCへの堅牢なシリアル接続が提供されます
  • USBバスから電力を引き出すことで、このアドオンシリアルポート用の外部電源アダプターを持ち運ぶ手間を省くことができます。
  • The extensive list of compatible operating systems makes this device perfect for almost any RS232 application
  • USB-ストレートスルーRS232シリアルアダプタ
  • 外部電源は必要ありません–USB接続から電力を引き出します
  • Easy to set up and install
  • 最大1メガビット/秒のシリアルデータ転送速度をサポートします
  • 細いケーブルと軽量により、持ち運びが簡単で持ち運びが簡単です


1.Perfect for use with modems, PDA’s, cell phones, digital cameras and more
2.WITH PL2303 CHIPSET, Supports data transfer rates up to 1Mbps.
3.Supports remote wake-up and power management.