2M USB 2.0 データ リンク ケーブル USB PC から PC データ リンク ケーブル



USB PC To PC Data Link Cable

Model No: YT-UDL01-2


This is a multi-function data link cable which can connect computer, tablet, and mobile phone. It is easy to transfer pictures, videos and document files between the two devices. You can also share the mouse and keyboard on either side between two computers.
This Product with a standard cable, strong anti-interference, high transmission rate, simple to use, easy to operate.

USB PC To PC Data Link Cable


  • Data transmission and sharing can be achieved simply by dragging data to the screen boundary.
  • A keyboard mouse that shares anyone end which operated between two devices, easily realizing multi-task split-screen operation.
  • Edit, cut, copy and paste between two devices.
  • Video, image, document transmission without U disk, high-speed transmission.


  • Standard USB Specification, Support TYPE-C interface.
  • USB2.0 Data Transfer Rate up to 480Mbps.
  • USB3.0 Data Transfer Rate up to 5Gbps.
  • Support file, picture, document data sharing and copy between two devices.
  • Support keyboard and mouse sharing and operation between two devices.
  • Compatible with Mac OS/WIN XP-WIN 10/Android3.2 and above.