FTDI LED 2 core wire USB TO RS485 Converter CABLE with alligator clip



FTDI LED USB RS485 Converter

Model No:YT-URS485-2

Product Description:
This USB to RS-485 converter cable with the chipset built into the USB connector. This design offers a convenient way of connecting your RS485 devices directly to the RS485 wires of this 485 converter cable or via the a two-piece screw terminal connector for easy disconnection.
The processor chip in this converter cable is the high performance FTDI chip which is compatible with all versions of Windows (32- and 64-bit), Mac and Linux.
Besides the RS485 D+, D- and GND signals this converter cable also provides an addtional +5VDC at the 485 end which can be used for powering your device if needed.
The cable itself is powered from the USB port so no additional external power supply is needed for this RS 485 converter to work.
After connecting and installing the drivers for this cable a virtual COM port is automatically created and will show up in your operating system’s Device Manager just as if it was a real local COM port.
This USB to 485 converter is surge and static protected to protect against the most common damages from static electricity and other voltage spikes, which makes it suitable for most applications, including industrial, commercial and any general office environment.
Automatic send data control is enabled by default so no external flow or handshake control is needed.

Product Features

1.USB port-powered.
2.Compact high performance solution.
3.Indication LED lights for TX, RX and Power.
4.Interface: Terminal header + stripped wires.
5.Automatic Send Control.
6.Up to 32 nodes in network configuration.

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