Adaptador USB 3.0 VGA+Hub USB 3.0 de 3 puertos



Descripción del producto:

This Utech USB 3.0 VGA & 3-Port HUB is an external graphics card for your Mac or PC. It allows you to add an additional display and 3 USB 3.0 ports. With this multi-adapter, there is no need to open your computer to add an expensive graphics card; you simply load the driver, plug in the adapter to the USB port, then plug the VGA monitor cable into the adapter and you are ready. It supports three viewing modes: primary, extended, mirror modes. With its plug-and-play functionality between your computer and second monitor or projector, you will be able to create a new visual environment in seconds.

This elegant multi-adapter provides you with a fast and portable alternative solution.

USB3.0-to-VGA USB3.0-to-VGA-2 USB3.0-to-VGA-3