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Conjunto de chips FTDI Módem nulo USB Cable RS-232

rs232 null modem usb a male to male cable Model No: YT-TTL09

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USB – USB Null Modem Cable USB type A plugs on Both Sides Flexible 15ft or 30ft. Long Serial Communication Null Cable.

In the era of legacy PCs with onboard RS232 COM Ports, it was common practice to establish a simple communications network between PCs using a cable popularly known as a Null-Modem cable.

Typically, such a cable would have DB9 female connectors on each end with the TX / RX and handshaking signals cross-connected so that the PCs could communicate with each other via legacy COM ports.

On modern PCs, the legacy COM Port connector is rapidly disappearing as USB becomes the multi-function communication port of choice.

However, this presents a dilemma in application areas that previously relied on legacy COM Ports for inter-PC communication.

Cable de módem nulo USB

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Módem nulo USB RS-232 Características del producto:

This cable appears to be two USB type sockets wired together, however, each of the USB sockets conceals a small PCB with an FT232RL based USB-UART converter IC plus support components inside.

The interconnect cable cross-connects the TXD / RXD data signals, RTS / CTS handshaking signals and interconnects the common GND reference rail between the two converter PCBs.

When used together with supplied Virtual COM Port ( VCP ) drivers, the USB Null Modem cable may be used to establish inter-PC COM Port based communication at baud rates of up to 3M baud.

The standard USB NMC cable p/n USB USBG-NULL-30 comes with an interconnect length of 10m ( 30ft ) – other lengths may be available on request.

Multiple operating systems are supported including Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.

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