extra long usb c cable

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extra long usb c cable Products Description

Cable de extensión de repetidor activo de ángulo recto USB 3.0 a USB-C de 1 m y 3 pies

Este cable Utech USB 3.0 a USB-C le permite conectar su cámara USB-C directamente al puerto USB tradicional de su computadora.
No adapters or dongles were necessary.

USB-C is the latest technology available for the fastest and most reliable transfers.

active usb-c cable Product Parameters:

  1. Flexible and optional extension wire, environmentally friendly TPE outer jacket, to prevent wire hardening
    y rigidez;
  2. USB3.0 to Angle USB-C solves the embarrassment that the new Mac has no USB port, no need for an adapter;
  3. L-shaped elbow design of the camera end plug, which can effectively reduce the force on the camera interface;
  4. Wire more closely fits the camera to provide a safe, convenient, and relaxing experience for photographers;
  5. Cable OD: 5.5mm. usb c repeater cable

Find the right cable for Your Tether: long usb c 3.0 cable

UTECH CABLE manufactures industrial-grade USB3.0 cables that ensure the most reliable connectivity. long usb c 3.1 cable

Our USB3.0 cable solution has been widely used in industrial application fields such as Machine Vision, Unmanned Driving, and Robotic Automation for more than 10 years.

UTECH has a large series of USB Tethering cables suitable for different cameras and computers.

The following are examples of Tethering cables.

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