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Model No:YT-UE01


USB Extender Adapter with Cat5e Cable up to 150 ft, Model No:YT-UE01

وصف المنتج:

With this Utech USB Extension Cable, you can connect USB peripherals to your computer from up to 150 feet (45 meters) away with this adapter. Use a patch cable/straight-thru cable (Cat-5, 5e, or 6) to connect the two adapters together.
Note: the distance and types of cables may affect the performance of some devices. With distance more than approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters), you may need to use a powered USB hub, as the USB port on your computer does not supply enough power to stretch over distance. Powered USB hub not included as part of this package. This adapter set is to be used with a patch cable, also called a straight-through cable.

مواصفات المنتج:

  • Overcome the length limits of USB cables with this Plug & Play adapter
  • Connect USB devices up to 150 feet away to your computer by going over Cat-5/5e/6 patch cable
  • Use with webcams, mice, keyboards, any device that has a USB plug
  • Cat-5/5e/6 patch cable sold separately
  • Distance and adapters may affect the performance of some devices down to USB 1.1 speed
  • The suppoerted devices including USB cameras, USB Printers, USB Web Cams, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, etc. No software is required for installation.
  • Package Included:
    1 x Connector with USB Type A Male, RJ45 Female
    1 x Connector with USB Type A Female, RJ45 Female

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